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Fine Organics and Zeelandia launch joint venture in India

Fine Organics and Zeelandia have set up a joint venture in India. Fine Zeelandia will serve India and neighboring markets with dry and liquid baking ingredients, most of which will be produced locally. The JV marks Zeelandia’s establishment of local presence in all five BRICS countries. The JV will also enable Fine Organics to give a wider range of high-quality & competitively-priced food ingredients to its customers in the baked goods and confectionery segments.

Fine Zeelandia will be based in Mumbai and is a 50/50 joint venture between Fine Organics and Zeelandia. It will combine the technical and marketing strengths of both the companies to bring an innovative range of baking and patisserie ingredients. The joint venture will start approaching the Indian market in Q1 2015, initially with imported Zeelandia products. The current, dedicated sales team at Fine Organics will be transferred to Fine Zeelandia. In cooperation with regional distributors, the joint venture will cater to customers throughout the country, as well as in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Local production
Fine Organics is a pioneer of emulsifiers in India and a globally recognized manufacturer of oleochemical derivatives. Zeelandia is a global leader in bakery and patisserie ingredients. The JV will include a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that will produce specialty ingredients like Finagel cake gel, bread and patisserie mixes, Carlo release agents and Paletta jellies. Some of these ingredients that are presently being imported to India will now be available locally. The JV will leverage upon Fine Organics' extensive and expanding distribution network for maximum reach and customer service. “We are already active in food additives and emulsifiers, amongst other products. This Joint Venture with Zeelandia is an important way for us to secure a share of the growing market in India for specialized bread and pastry ingredients and similar products”, says Jayen Shah, CEO of Fine Organics. Adds Guido Janssen, Zeelandia CCO: “This will speed up local deliveries and make Zeelandia prices more competitive by eliminating the import process for most products”. Specialty products, including Carlex release agents, fondant and marzipan will continue to be sold on an import basis.

Focus on India
Zeelandia's innovation record, product quality and commitment to the Indian market make them an ideal partner for Fine Organics. The Fine Zeelandia venture is an extension of Fine Organics' mission towards bringing high quality ingredients to the fast expanding Indian food industry.

For more information on the Fine Zeelandia product line or if you would like to be a distributor, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it