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Founded in 1970, Fine Organics was the brainchild of Mr. Ramesh Shah, a Mumbai-based businessman with experience in chemical trading and Mr. Prakash Kamat, a skilled technocrat from Institution of Chemical Technology. Together, they envisioned the potential of oleochemical derivatives and created an organization founded on the pillars of innovation and passion.

Fine Organics introduced the Indian market to high-quality additives for specialty applications with raw materials from locally-grown plant sources and using highly automated facilities that deliver quality consistency levels as global benchmarks.

Today, Fine Organics’ products has achieved wide acceptance among customers in over 80 countries. It continues to invest in innovating and expanding within its chemistry.


  • To become a preferred supplier of Oleochemicals derived green additives globally.


  • To use our expertise in Oleochemistry and build a compelling portfolio of specialty green additives and ingredients for various end use applications.

  • To expand a state-of-the-art infrastructure for research and manufacturing.

  • To develop a lean, empowered team that is aligned with the organisation’s core values.


  • Conduct business with professionalism & responsiveness.

  • Rewards ideas that raise the standards in processes & operations in its operations.


  • Integrity

    To display trust, responsibility and accountability in building lasting relationships with customers and stakeholders.

  • Execution Excellence

    To demonstrate pride, passion and professionalism.

  • Customer First

    To anticipate and fulfil customer needs.

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

    To convert unconventional ideas into action with positive impact.


A Journey of Five Decades


Established as “Fine Organic Industries”, a partnership firm by late Shri Ramesh Shah and Shri Prakash Kamat.

Commissioned first food additives in Dombivli.

Established second facility in Ambernath.


Commissioned facility at Badlapur.

Incorporated the company under the name of Fine Organic Industries (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. and expanded footprint in global market.

Expanded capacity of Badlapur facility

Established R&D centre in Navi Mumbai


Commissioned large manufacturing facilities in Ambernath.

Expanded capacity phase-wise in Ambernath.

Signed JV with Netherlands-based bakery premix manufacturer, Zeelandia International.

Expanded the additional capacity at Ambernath facility.


Amalgamated Fine Research and Development Centre Pvt. Ltd. and Fine Speciality Surfactants Pvt. Ltd.

Initiated IPO, got listed in NSE and BSE and commissioned new plant at Ambernath and Patalganga.

Completed 50 years.


Sustainable by Design

In 1991, the green chemistry concept was articulated by Paul T. Anastas and John C. Warner as an application of scientific solutions to mitigate environmental risks. It introduced 12 principles that aimed to create a framework that can be used by organizations to create a sustainable future for itself and its stakeholders.

Fine Organics is proud to have followed these 12 principles since its inception. The framework is an integral part of our philosophy, principles and culture.

Fine Process Philosophy
  • Renewable Feedstocks
  • Safer Reaction Routes
  • Design for Degradation
  • Non-Hazardous Chemistry
Fine Engineering Principles
  • Minimum Steps
  • Better Energy Efficiency
  • High Atom Economy
  • Improved Reaction Kinetics
Fine Operations Culture
  • Integrated Safety
  • Pollution Monitoring & Control
  • Near-Zero Solvents
  • Waste Prevention over Treatment


Executive Leadership

Mr. Mukesh Shah

Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Mukesh Shah

Chairman and Managing Director

– Joined in 1973, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science

– Played a key role in establishing quality control and global sales & marketing

Mr. Jayen Shah

Executive Director and CEO

Mr. Jayen Shah

Executive Director and CEO

– Joined in 1986, holds a Master’s Degree in Science from ICT, Mumbai

– Played an instrumental role in creating a strong vendor-partner network

– Played a key role in developing and managing channel partners for the organisation’s products in India

Mr. Tushar Shah

Executive Director & CFO

Mr. Tushar Shah

Executive Director & CFO

– Joined in 1989, led several initiatives like ERP, CRM and Logistics among others

– Played a key role in the development of the first automated additive manufacturing facility

Mr. Bimal Shah

Executive Director

Mr. Bimal Shah

Executive Director

– Joined in 2009, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Purdue University and a Master’s Degree in Management from Boston College

– Led initiatives for new projects, processes and additional capacities

Mr. Nikhil Kamat

Executive Director (w.e.f. June 27, 2022)

Mr. Nikhil Kamat

Executive Director (w.e.f. June 27, 2022)

– Joined in 1987, holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Biochemistry from ICT, Mumbai

– Played a key role in operations, productions, planning, handling technical, environmental and regulatory tasks


Innovative By Nature

Our customer base spans across scale, industries and geographies. This has helped us develop an expert understanding of our chemistry and its applications. This knowledge combined with our pilot synthesis, analysis and application development infrastructure has helped us develop ‘Technical Services’ as a core competency. We have an innovation pipeline that expands across products, processes and engineering and into efficiency and performance improvements in our customers’ applications.

Fine Organics’ high level of quality consistency and operational excellence is the result of a proud culture that puts emphasis on integrity, empowerment and responsiveness.


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