Evolving Responsibly and Sustainably

Our business model is directly aligned with the key components of ESG

Sustainability: Starts with responsibility

At Fine Organics, our sustainability strategy emphasises resilience through a business model that contributes to the economy, protects the environment, and helps communities.

Our vision is to provide speciality performance additives ― based on good and green chemistry ― through innovation and excellence.

In this journey, our leadership plays a key role as the internal drivers to implement and achieve our goal of sustainability. Our leadership ensures long-term value creation for our stakeholders on financial and non-financial metrics. Our efficient governance structure further helps us streamline operations and performance in line with our overall business strategy.

Some of the measures we undertook on the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) front to achieve our sustainable goals are described below:


Through our concerted efforts, we strive to create a more sustainable environment to manage our natural resources responsibly. We have consciously focused on lowering our carbon footprint while positively impacting the communities to nurture holistic growth. All our strategic business endeavours are therefore chalked out in line with these goals.

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Fine Organics is committed to contributing to society’s development at large. Our various CSR activities aim to provide quality education and basic healthcare facilities, along with empowering women.

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Fine Organics is a responsible organisation committed to upholding wellbeing and operates with the highest standards of business integrity, ethics and trust. Our Board steers and establishes our Group’s course, providing independent, informed, and effective judgment to the organisation. This outlines the course for us as a Company, as we follow the Board's critical decisions, accomplish sustainable targets, and create value in near future.

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