Privacy Policy

Fine Organics Industries Limited is committed to meet the applicable requirements of European data protection laws and will responsibly protect the information you provide to us and the information we collect in the course of operating our practices.

This Privacy Policy describes how the firms may collect, use, and share information.

Fine Organics Industries Limited are the data controllers for processing the personal information we have received from you. We can be contacted at for all matters related to this policy.

We do not use cookies on our website. However, while using our website, we may collect certain personal information.

Committed to Protecting Data

Our privacy policy, which tells you how we treat your data.

Collection of Data

We may gain information about you from your use of our website.

Type of Data Used

We use data about you as a client (or employee of a client). This includes personal data that are necessary in relation to services that we render to you under our contract with you or with your employer. The data we use includes: general personal data, such as your name, your phone number (landline and/or mobile) and your contact email address.

Purpose of Collecting and Storing Data

We rely on the following legal grounds to collect and process your personal information:
    • Response to Inquiries – We may need to collect and use your personal information to approach you to respond to your queries initiated via the contact form.
We only deal with data about you that are relevant and sufficient in relation to the purposes defined above.

Data Retention

We shall delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary.

Sharing of Data

Our employees may share information with each other only to ensure a prompt and accurate response to the inquiry.

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise share information that reasonably identifies you or your organization with unaffiliated entities for their independent use.

We do not pass or share personal data for marketing purposes.

Right to Object and Data Portability

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. You can use the contact information provided in this document to send an objection. If your opposition is justified, we will stop processing your personal data in a reasonable period, but no later than 90 days from the date of receiving such a request.


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