Fine Organics is committed to contributing to society’s development at large. Our various CSR activities aim to provide quality education and basic healthcare facilities, along with empowering women. To this end, we have partnered with reputed NGOs and social service institutions as we try to create long-term value for society through the implementation of the initiatives as described below:


Education is fundamental to growth and a powerful tool for driving a better tomorrow. Honouring knowledge and grasping the ability of its power opens greater avenues of development. The more knowledge one obtains the higher is his magnification of existence. During the year, we conducted the following steps in this direction:

  • Constructing a vocational training centre in Pune to provide different skill-based vocational training programmes
  • Extended support to 370+ deserving and needy students of Mumbai through educational scholarships
  • Supporting Jharkhand’s tribal society by providing quality education to tribal children
  • Provided scholarships for 110+ specially challenged students from Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh to pursue higher studies


Consciously engaging communities in healthcare is crucial for the overall progress of society. We are cognizant of its role in the well-being and development of our communities. The initiatives we undertook and implemented during the year are described below:

  • For the treatment of cancer patients, we have supported Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai, by constructing a new oncology operation theatre
  • Provided various occupational therapies to underprivileged children suffering from intellectual disabilities, hyperactivity and other psychological issues
  • We are supporting tribal hospital in Maharashtra for their operating expenses and also constructing dormitory hall for patients and their relatives

Women Empowerment

Financial independence is extremely vital for women. At Fine Organics, we promote and encourage equality for women and motivate their growth. The following initiatives were undertaken in the same direction:

  • Provided a vocational training programme for the students and women residing in the M-ward – one of the largest slum areas of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Approximately 100-150 needy students and women are getting trained in different skills through this initiative
  • Supported the garment-making unit of Jalgaon, Maharashtra by providing livelihood to the women in the rural areas
  • Extended support to 60 girls for nursing training and helped them get recruitment in the nearby hospitals
670+ Students educated through our education initiatives 1,620+ Number of lives benefited 83+ Employment generated through our initiatives Provided scholarships to 110 specially challenged students

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