FinaFog 700

Polymer Additives

Antifogging additive for PE/EVA films – Agricultural & Packaging films

FinaFog antifogging additives encourage uniform water layer formation instead of numerous droplets formed due to the process of fogging. FinaFog 700 migrates on the polymer surface at a more regulated rate and helps to tune the surface wetting to promote hydrophilic properties. FinaFog 700 offers excellent antifogging performance in the standard cold fog and hot fog testing.

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About the Product

Excellent antifogging performance in cold & hot fogging along with suitable service life are the most critical requirements for PE films finding applications in agricultural films. FinaFog 700 has been specially designed to offer even spreading of water droplets formed during the fogging process in order to increase the light transmission through the film. Excess fogging in an agricultural film can damage the plants and/or affect the growth of these plants adversely. FinaFog 700 helps to maximize the light transmission and minimizes the possibility of excess water drip and burning of the crops by ‘lens’ effect. FinaFog 700 can also be used in a packaging film at standard cold and hot fog test temperatures.

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