Finalux ACS

Polymer Additives

Antiscratching additive for Acrylics and Bioplastics

Finalux ACS is an effective antiscratching additive for Acrylics based polymers/ copolymers/blends (such as PMMA) and biopolymers/blends (such as PLA/PBAT). It can offer better mould release, uniform flow and superior aesthetics to the end products.

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About the Product

Finalux ACS forms a uniform additive layer on the polymer surface, which helps to reduce the coefficient of friction. This effectively reduces scratch width and minimizes scratch visibility resulting in excellent antiscratching performance; thus, well-preserving the transparency /visibility through the film/sheet. Further, effective slip properties imparted by Finalux ACS can also help to achieve desired CoF reduction and release properties/denesting in films and sheets (post thermoforming) respectively.

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