FinaPurge 400

Polymer Additives

Effective cleansing agent for PET recycling & Purging agent in purging compound for plastics

FinaPurge 400 is a cleansing and purging additive for plastics processing.

About the Product

FinaPurge 400 is recommended to be used as an ingredient in a purging compound to ensure efficient wetting and cleaning action. FinaPurge 400 containing compound can effectively clean-up the pigment residual in the equipment; thus, can minimize the downtime during changeover. FinaPurge 400 removes colours and other contaminants (such as adhesive, labels) in the post-consumer or post-industry PET waste collected.

FinaPurge 400 facilitates faster and more effective cleaning and purging action, when used either as a component of a purging compound or as a cleansing additive during the washing step. An efficient cleaning action helps to reduce the change-over duration as well as processing cycle; thereby, can benefit through significant saving in terms of energy, material (water) and more.

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