A Leading Producer of Oleochemical Derivatives

Fine Organics prides itself in taking a customer-first approach towards anticipating needs and innovating solutions that go beyond additives and ingredients.

Our products are researched, developed and tested in our modern research and manufacturing facilities.

Like a technical pinch of salt in your food, Fine solutions are present in tiny amounts in everyday items to impart essential functionality and performance for several industrial and consumer end uses.

  • Singular focus on Oleochemistry since 1971 that has created a portfolio of over 450 Products, derived from all natural plant-based oils and oleochemicals
  • Over 5000 end-users spread across more than 70 countries supported by our customer-centric innovation, operations & technical services teams

Our Products

Singular Focus on a Versatile Chemistry

Through constant innovation and an unwavering focus on our core competencies, Fine Organics has developed a unique range of all natural bio-based specialty additives for a wide variety of applications like foods, plastics, rubber, inks, cosmetics, coatings and several specialty applications.

Food Ingredients

FINE Food Ingredients

Plant-based Functional Ingredients for the Food Industry

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Polymer Additives

FINE Polymer Additives

Bio-based Performance Additives for the Polymer Industry

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Personal Care Ingredients

FINE Personal Care Ingredients

All Natural Functional Ingredients for the Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry

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Feed Ingredients

FINE Feed Ingredients

Antibiotic-free Health Ingredients for the Feed Nutrition Industry

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Coating and Specialty Ingredients

Fine Coating and Specialty Ingredients

Performance Additives for Coating and Specialty Application

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Other Ingredients

FINE Ingredients & Additives

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From synthesis to operations, Fine Organics has developed a deep understanding of its chemistry, process and engineering. Our culture is ingrained with responsible practices that keeps us in harmony with our employees, communities, and the environment.

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Adding value at every step

Fine Organics conducts in a financially responsible manner to maintain a business that is made profitable by innovation, technical expertise and strong governance. In addition to being the preferred supplier of oleochemical derivatives globally, we aim to build a culture that will continue to attract professional talent well-aligned with our vision and values.



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