FinaFog 1014

Polymer Additives

External antifogging additive for Polymer films/sheets

FinaFog 1014 can be used externally on polymer or glass surface in the form of a handy spray to achieve excellent antifogging properties for hot as well as cold fog. There is a significant benefit in using a spray, as it offers effective antifog performance after every application of FinaFog 1014 solution spray.

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About the Product

FinaFog 1014 is to be dissolved in warm isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or water with consistent stirring until a clear solution is attained. This solution can be used for spray coating on glass or polymer substrates and allowed to air dry. FinaFog 1014 can be used as external antifog for polymers such as PET, PC, PP, other suitable surfaces like glass and more.

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