Finastat 8000

Polymer Additives

External antistatic additive for Engineering Polymers

Finastat 8000 offers effective antistatic properties when applied to polymer surface by external coating or spraying process. Finastat 8000 can be used as an external antistat for polyesters (PET/PBT), Polycarbonate, Polyamide or any other base polymer for which antistatic properties are required.  An aqueous solution of Finastat 8000 (at optimized dosage) can be applied externally on polymer surfaces in order to achieve effective surface resistivity reduction.

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About the Product

Finastat 8000 can be used externally with convenience for the engineering polymers presenting challenges in terms of relatively higher processing temperatures. It is critical to ensure an adequate concentration and uniform coverage of an external antistat on the polymer surface, where the antistatic properties are required.

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