Finastat 9500

Polymer Additives

Mould release and short-term antistat

Finastat 9500 can offer immediate and short-term antistatic properties to polyolefins and lubrication to PVC. Finastat 9500 is recommended to be used in combination with Finastat 163 or Finastat SAE 300 in order to attain excellent sustainable antistatic properties in polyolefin films.

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About the Product

Finastat 9500 is a bio-based high purity glycerol monostearate (minimum 95%), which exhibits instantaneous surface migration due to the limited compatibility with base polymer. Therefore, Finastat 9500 is known and preferred as a mould-release additive for polyolefins. Further, it can render improved lubrication in the melt resulting in efficient moulding process. Finastat 9500 also offers uniform cell structure stabilization in PE/PP foam and EVA footwear/sheet compounds.

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