Finastat 163

Polymer Additives

Sustainable antistat & Antifouling additive for Polyolefins

Finastat 163 can offer effective antistatic properties in polyolefin-based films when used in combination with Finastat 9500. Finastat 163 is derived from vegetable-oil based source and free from ‘animal/synthetic base’. Finastat 163 is also used as an antifouling additive/process aid in the polymer manufacturing process.

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About the Product

Finastat 163 is a bio-based ethoxylated amine type antistat that can offer sustainable antistatic properties in polyolefins, when used in combination with Finastat 9500. These antistatic additives result in effective static charge dissipation; thereby, help to reduce dust pick-up/dust contamination. Finastat 163 can also used as an antifouling additive in the polymer manufacturing process in order to achieve Improved process control by aiding the separation of polymer fines and reduced chunking and fouling by minimizing the accumulation of fines on piping/equipment walls.

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