FinaSperse DT 500 N

Polymer Additives

Wetting and dispersing additive for colour masterbatches

FinaSperse DT 500 N is a wetting and dispersing additive for colour masterbatches. It is specially designed in order to offer effective end-properties in terms of increased colour strength and superior aesthetics. FinaSperse DT 500 N additionally presents a key benefit that can be attained by achieving the desired colour strength at potentially lower pigment dosage levels.

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About the Product

FinaSperse DT 500 N features functional sites that are suitable to establish non-covalent interactions with the pigment particles; thereby, improving the dispersion quality by ensuring an excellent wetting process. FinaSperse DT 500 N exhibits a balance of functionalities and miscibility with the base polymer to ensure effective performance in colour masterbatches. It is recommended to be used up to 5% in the colour masterbatch. At higher pigment loadings, FinaSperse DT 500 N can be used in the combination of PE-wax to achieve synergistic effect.

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