Finawax B

Polymer Additives


Finawax B is a refined vegetable-based behenamide offering optimum antiblocking properties in polyolefin-based films, when used in combination with inorganic antiblock at suitable dosage. Finawax B is well-accepted as a torque release additive in HDPE based caps and closures offering effective organoleptic properties.

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About the Product

Finawax B (behenamide) is a saturated primary amide that can provide effective antiblocking properties with reduced haze, when used in combination with inorganic antiblock for Polyolefins (PE & PP) film applications. Saturated nature of Finawax B helps in addressing the concern pertaining to odour in HDPE based caps. Finawax B can also facilitate the melt flow of biopolymers during processing.

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